Scott Cohen's Outdoor Kitchen Design Workbook

Scott Cohen's Outdoor Kitchen Design Workbook:
Inspiring Ideas and Tips from HGTV's Sizzling Outdoor Kitchen Designer

by Scott Cohen and Elizabeth Lexau

In Scott Cohen's Outdoor Kitchen Design Workbook, the two-time Masters of Design Award-winner combines his unique creativity and construction expertise into a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind resource packed with fresh ideas and how-to instruction.

Cohen, whose work is featured frequently on Home and Garden Television (HGTV) and in numerous national books and magazines, offers a true "workbook" that not only inspires readers but guides them through the entire process. Beautiful color photography illustrates Cohen's innovative use of recycled materials, expert detailing and artistic techniques.

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  • Outdoor Kitchens Are Hot!
    Outdoor living areas provide one of the best returns on your investment for home improvement. Staycations (vacationing at home) are hot! Learn how the tradition of cooking outdoors began - page 8

  • Do Your Homework
    Find out what you need in your outdoor kitchen with this preliminary checklist - page 12

  • Location, Location, Location
    Learn how to place your ourdoor kitchen in the right place in the backyard - page 19
Scott Cohen's Outdoor Kitchen Design Workbook
Scott Cohen's Outdoor Kitchen Design Workbook page 67
  • Sizing and Layout
    How big does your kitchen need to be, and how should you configure it? This chapter has all the answers. - page 37

  • 8 Fabulous Layouts
    See 8 different functional and convenient barbecue layouts and which will work best for your entertaining needs. - page 48

  • Types Of Outdoor Rooms
    Photos and layouts of outdoor dining rooms, living rooms, and more, plus tips for tools for experimenting with outdoor room layouts - page 57

  • Eye Appeal: Flooring, Countertops, & More
    Pros and cons of different flooring and countertops materials. - page 68

  • Counter Intelligence
    Scott explains and shows why poured in place concrete countertops are his 1st choice for all of his outdoor kitchen projects - page 88
  • A Well-Equipped Space
    Detailed explanations of available appliances and acessories to help you decide which ones to include in your outdoor kitchen - page 102

  • Construction Techniques: Cast-in-Place Concrete Counters
    Step by step instructions & photos show how to create an outdoor kitchen from scratch with a poured in place concrete outdoor counter - page 118

  • Construction Techniques: Cast Countertops with Embeds
    Step by step instructions for embedding melted glass bottles, recycled glass chips, & other materials into a poured in place concrete counter - pg 129

  • Edge Detailing Options
    Examples of Scott's favorite edges; the possibilities are endless - page 139

  • Fiber Optic lighting
    Learn how to add fiber optic lighting into your countertops to create a magical effect at night - page 144

  • Layout Templates
    1/8 scale templates to help you lay out your outdoor kitchen and other outdoor rooms to scale - page 156

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Scott Cohen's Outdoor Kitchen Design Workbook page 134

Included are demonstrations of Cohen's special methods for creating cast in place concrete barbeque counters accented with fiber optics and casting glass to add colorful detail to barbeque counters.

The book's layout guides and templates allow users to visualize their new space. Templates are scaled to represent grills, tables, barbecue counters, outdoor seating, fire features, and the other elements that shape today's backyards. Readers can avoid costly mistakes by experimenting with different layouts and testing designs on paper before they build.

Cohen's book comes at a good time as demand for outdoor living space continues to rise. According to the 2008 American Institute of Architects (AIA) Home Design Trends Survey, interest in outdoor living space has actually increased steadily over the last three years, even while homes are getting smaller. Many homeowners are looking for ways to expand and upgrade their existing space as an alternative to purchasing new property.

"Outdoor kitchens seem to be nearly recession proof," says Cohen. "Outdoor improvements also offer a big return on the investment." "According to the 2008 AIA report, outdoor room additions can increase home value by 15 to 20 percent and they typically return more than 100 percent of their costs."

The trend toward staycationing is another reason for the increased interest in outdoor living as more Americans choose to spend their travel dollars at home. Outdoor rooms give people a fun and relaxing place to enjoy their leisure time without having to leave the yard.

Scott Cohen's Outdoor Kitchen Design Workbook promises to be the ultimate resource for building a backyard barbecue destined to become the favorite neighborhood hotspot.

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Scott Cohen's Outdoor Kitchen Design Workbook page 149
This book is full of expert tips, design ideas, and step by step instructions from HGTV's "Sizzling Outdoor Kitchens" designer.
Scott Cohen's Outdoor Kitchen Design Workbook Scott Cohen's Outdoor Kitchen Design Workbook
Discover how to cast sparkling countertops using recycled glass, and add dazzling fiber optic lighting effects to your outdoor entertaining space!

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Scott Cohen's Outdoor Kitchen Design Workbook Scott Cohen's Outdoor Kitchen Design Workbook Back Cover

About Scott Cohen and The Green Scene

The Green Scene is a premier outdoor design and construction firm now in its fourth decade of operation in Southern California. The firm is led by Masters of Design Award winner Scott Cohen, whose work has been regularly featured on Home and Garden Television's Get Out, Way Out!, Sizzling Outdoor Kitchens, as well as other national media. The Green Scene staff includes garden designers, ceramic and wood artisans, masons, and construction experts.

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